Strategic Brand Management

We have partnered with the IMM (Institute of Marketing Management), to develop a 3-month online course on Strategic Brand Management.


Karen Zimelka Roos - Course Designer & Head Tutor


Karen is an expert Course Developer, Specialist Lecturer, Facilitator and Consultant in

Strategic Brand Management. While you study this course you will be supported

by your head tutor Karen Roos, an industry leader and trainer extraordinaire.

Karen will be your go-to person, facilitating online discussions with your fellow

students in your group, as well as, being available for individual queries and help

if you need it.


Karen in a Nutshell


Karen is an authority on strategic communications and an ace at imparting her hard-won knowledge. She has over 20 years of experience in lecturing various marketing and brand communications courses for a range of tertiary institutions, as well as, extensive experience as a facilitator for “big-brand” clients such as the SABC, Discovery, Vodacom, Woolworths, Nedbank, Media 24, BASF and Tiger Brands and ABSA. Her super skills lie in: Strategic Planning, Strategic Brand Management, Brand Architecture, Account Management, Marketing, Communications, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Content Writing, Research, Lecturing and Course Content Development. To ensure that her role as educator, facilitator and developer remains relevant to the current business environments, she runs a consultancy specialising in brand strategy and digital strategy for a host of organisations, keeping her at the coalface of the industry and its constant evolution. 

Who should attend?

Here are some career opportunities this course will

help you work towards:

  • Brand Manager

  • Strategist

  • Entrepreneur

  • Account Executive

  • Product Manager

  • Marketing Manager


The video introductions below give a brief explanation of what each module covers.

What you will learn


  • The concept of Strategic Brand Management and its importance, relevance and advantages

  • The concept of brand equity and brand value and how to measure it

  • The lifetime value of brand loyalty

  • The brand identity development process and brand positioning

  • How to craft a brand positioning statement and value proposition

  • How to reach, create and communicate a positioning map

  • How the three brand components of identity, image and personality are built over time

  • The launch process for a new brand, the most effective media choices for the introductory campaign and how to track the market penetration of a new brand

  • The main growth strategies of established brands and their importance, advantages and influences

  • How brand architecture establishes the optimal inter-relationships of brands within a single company

  • The process of brand extension and the degree to which a brand can be extended

  • How umbrella brands work, how co-branding works and when to shift to a new brand

  • The concept of global brands, how brands adapt to foreign markets and the role the internet plays in brand globalisation

  • The risks and benefits of foreign brand licensing and the differences between brand equity at home and abroad

  • The brand acquisition process, its strategy, influencing factors and the way a firm structures its brand portfolio

  • How the same components that build product brands can be applied to national brands and personal brands



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Ramogalana L


"This is a comprehensive course and I am definitely going to recommend it to my friends who love marketing and branding as much as I do. I like the way everything is organised starting from the ever helpful Christa and my instructor, Karen Roos. Apart from that, the course duration and activities fit well into my schedule like a glove. Anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of brand management in the workplace or their own business ought to spend time to study this course as it provides industry relevant, in-depth and valuable insights; what brands are, how to create them, how to make them work and how to sustain them with the goal to improve their overall performance of the business. Thank you very much IMM Graduate School. I look forward to another one in the near future."